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Meditation Gardens and the Bible

The Libertas Co-op Bible Class hosts students from grades 7-12 and is taught by Pastor Kevin Yi, who is also a Trinity Dad. Yi has been a youth pastor for the past 15 years. In addition to teaching from God's word, Pastor Yi is walking students through the book Understanding the Times by Dr. Jeff Meyers and Dr. David Noebel.

"We've been blessed to have him teach and equip our kids on how to defend the Christian worldview as they encounter competing worldviews in our current culture," said Deanna Meadows, Libertas co-ordinator and parent.

Pastor Yi (and his 2 yr. old son) took the class on a recent field trip to the Lake Shrine Meditation Gardens in Pacific Palisades so they could see an example of the New Spiritualism worldview that is promoted in our culture. After walking through the gardens, Pastor Yi asked the students to share why they thought this worldview appeals to people in today's culture and then discussed how it conflicts with a Christian Worldview.