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Libertas Bible class

Currently Approved Curriculum


Courses Offered on the Computer

  • Abeka Independent Study (all subjects) Christian
  • Teaching Textbooks (Math Only) Christian

Private Companies that have Online Classes

  • Landry Academy

Additional Resources

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 Co-op classes (once a week classroom setting for grades 7-12)

Bible 7-12
The first  semester of this course will be all about the Christian worldview and comparing it to the other dominant worldview of our age. As we discuss a wide range of subjects, we will be asking ourselves what the Bible has to say about these topics, and how we as Christians can express our faith in the marketplace of ideas. We want our students to be able to discuss these ideas in class, and with their friends/family outside of the the classroom as well. Interacting with others will sharpen these ideas within our students and help them be more equipped to bear God's truth about reality in our post-Christian world. We will be utilizing David Noebel and Jeff Myers' Understanding the Times as our main text. 

The second semester will be focused on studying the book of Exodus We will discuss hermeneutics, Christology, and gospel-centered applications. We will also read devotionally form The Imperfect Disciple by Jared Wilson , and This Changes Everything by Jaquelle Crowe. The second semester will focus on a deep understanding of the godspel from the Old Testament and will feature spiritual formation exercises as well.

Each semester will include at least one field trip to help our students learn outside of the classroom as well.

World History 9-12

During the school year we will be exploring world history beginning with the Biblical creation account through modern times and current events. We will learn how one event prompted another and create a deep understanding of the timeline of human history from a Christian viewpoint.