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Libertas LIVE


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Libertas LIVE is designed to provide an on-campus learning experience for Christian homeschool students in grades K-6.  
Students enrolled in Libertas LIVE will be able to participate in:

Worship • Writing • Science • Art • Drama

Libertas LIVE - praying

Art/Art History

Students will gain a good understanding of art history and terms as they explore techniques from the earliest prehistoric “cave paintings” to contemporary modern art. We will emphasize the High Renaissance art period and recreate artwork of the masterpieces. We will be working with clay, acrylic paint, water color, scratchboard, oil and soft pastels. Materials will be provided. Please have students bring a cover up for class.

hands on science program

The Libertas LIVE science class will teach and encourage students to become sophisticated young scientists! Through hypothesizing, observing and experimenting, our young scientists will broaden their knowledge in a multitude of scientific fields, including physical, life and earth science. Students will participate in many hands-on experiments.


The writing classes will focus on grade-specific writing skills. Our kindergarten and first grade students will focus on letter, word and sentence formation as well as an introduction to the parts of speech. Our second and third graders will develop complete sentence formation, paragraph writing and continue learning parts of speech. Finally, our fourth through sixth grade students will concentrate on multiple paragraph writing, master the parts of speech, and build creative writing abilities. All levels will work on oral presentation skills.


We are also offering Drama as an optional afternoon enrichment opportunity. Libertas LIVE drama will expose your students to different theatrical skills including script writing, communication, team building, critical thinking, performance, self-control, and creativity. These skills will be taught and reinforced through games, songs, activities and the performances. There will be one performance each semester.

LIVE will start in September of 2019 and run through May of 2020. Students will be on campus, at Trinity Classical Academy, on:

Fridays: 9:00 AM – 12:40 PM
 12:40 PM – 2:00 PM Drama (optional)
We will have three groups:     K-1     2-3     4-6

Students are required to wear navy blue uniform bottoms and Libertas LIVE T-shirts.

Families registered in the Libertas PSP will be given priority registration until May 1, 2019. Please note that each learning group or class will be capped at twenty students so it is important to complete registration as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, please contact the LIVE program coordinator – Denise Barreda at dbarreda@trinityclassicalacademy.com

Libertas LIVE Tuition and Fees

Annual Registration Fee

$100 per family
($75 for returning families)

Libertas LIVE Tuition
 For Libertas PSP families

$1030 per year/per student

Libertas LIVE Tuition
 For Non-PSP families

$1180 per year/per student

$330 per year/per student