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Co-Op Classes (Grades 7-12)

We are excited to offer five core courses for the upcoming 2022 – 2023 school year, specifically to support our Libertas independent study families AND as an outreach to the local homeschooling community! 

Libertas History class

We are Offering the Following Full-Year Courses:

American Lit & US History (grades 9-12)

Spanish 1 (grades 7-12)

Bible (grades 7-12)

Spanish 2 (grades 8-12)

$525 per year* (students enrolled in libertas)
$600 per year* (Non-enrolled students)

**student texts are included

These class offerings are designed to help our Jr. and  Sr. High School students fulfill their high school graduation requirements, to supplement a rigorous college prep independent course of study, and to provide a wonderful opportunity for our students to develop friendships with other students in the Libertas Preparatory PSP, and with students in the local homeschool community!

Classes will meet weekly for 60-90 minutes of instruction provided by qualified instructors, followed by additional time at home for independent learning with parent-teacher supervision. Assignments and grades will be administered by the instructors.

The first four classes will be held on Fridays at Valencia Hills Community Church in Santa Clarita.  *no uniform required

Bible will be taught by Dr. Mark Phillips on Fridays in room 104 on the Trinity campus. 
*uniform is required

Costs for each course are competitive with local academic class offerings.

Begin your Application for Enrollment for 2022-23