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Libertas students in PSP plan#2 may participate in athletics at Trinity. Athletic teams participate in the CIF Southern Section and there are a variety of sports offered to the high school students. Junior high school students may participate in Trinity's athletics programs in our local private school league.

Rhetoric School Sports (grades 9-12)

Varsity Boys Football
Varsity Girls Volleyball
Varsity Co-ed Cross Country
Varsity Cheer (Football season)
JV Girls Volleyball

Varsity Boys Basketball
Varsity Girls Basketball
Varsity Boys Soccer
Varsity Girls Soccer
Varsity Cheer (Basketball season)
JV Boys Basketball
JV Boys Soccer

Varsity Boys Baseball
Varsity Girls Softball
Varsity Coed Track and Field
Varsity Coed Swim

Logic School Sports (Grades 7-8)

Boys Basketball
Boys Baseball
Girls Softball
Girls Cheer
Coed Cross Country

Boys Flag Football
Girls Volleyball

Boys Soccer
Girls Soccer
Girls Basketball

The mission of Trinity Athletics is to pursue Integrity, Camaraderie and Victory in our athletics endeavors within the context of the mission of Trinity Classical Academy. We define our success by the attitude and effort put forth as we strive to honor the Lord in all we do. (1 Corinthians 10:31)

Check out the athletics website for all the details:

For more information about enrolling as a Libertas athlete, please contact:
Deanna Meadows
Libertas Preparatory School Coordinator
(661) 296-2601 or (661) 441-5282